Pastors Sean and Dana Pritchard have been married for 17yrs and have 4 children; Jake ~ Chase ~ Ben ~ Grace ~. Sean and Dana have been an active part of Solid Rock Faith Center for over 19 years. They have been in the youth ministry for over 9 yrs. Over the last nine years they have had the privilege of seeing God do some pretty awesome stuff. One of the greatest joys is seeing many of the one time students now active members of the local church, using their gifts and talents to reach people.

Their heart is to not just provide a place to gather teenagers together and talk about God. Their heart is to foster an environment that enables young people to encounter the living God in such a way that their lives will for ever be changed.

Ministry is all about family and we believe we are all God’s children and should be one large family doing life together! For the past 19 years Sean and Dana have been and will continue to be committed to reaching people for the cause of Christ.

Will you Join them as they answer the call?